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You have safely arrived on the only known dedicated fan site, to the TV sitcom classic that is Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock). Good comedy never dies - it just gets replayed endlessly on cable TV.

On this fan site you can read, share opinions and interact with like minded souls. Ponder all the great questions like how the show managed to run for six seasons and why it ever got axed; or discover interesting facts about the characters and the cast, among other fascinating and curious trivia.

A special Visitor's Gallery includes polls to ascertain the most popular character from the series. We also pose the daunting question Should They Bring it Back?

Some sections dwell on general matters like Storyline and Premise, Recurring Themes and pre-occupations. Others focus in on the specifics, recounting Close Encounters and other alien interactions that took place over the course of the six seasons.

This website is community based and built around user-generated content. That means that we would hope that fans of the series will participate by contributing material. We don't really want to do all the work ourselves. Rather, we want to hear from you. Tell us about your favourite quotes, share memorable moments, test our knowledge even. Better still, Become a Contributor - your work will be acknowledged, even if it won't always be appreciated (or acknowledged).

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A section on links and resources refers to other websites carrying content related to the series. The rest is up to you.

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