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The Casey Werner Home Page for the series is probably as good a place as any to start a web trawl. Site includes Meet the Cast, Episode Guide, Web Exclusives and some free to download desktop wallpaper.

Another good source of information is The Internet Movie Database including cast, credits and full episode list.

The Wikipedia page (if you can believe anything they say) for Third Rock from The Sun (aka 3rd Rock) includes links to episode summaries as well as information to do with Nielsen rankings, syndication, DVD releases, awards etc.

Clips from the show can be viewed on the TV Land website in addition to actor bios, characters, episode listings, photo galleries.

Similar resources are available from the website of Share TV.

The last time we were on YouTube it was possible to view entire episodes, albeit in 10 minute blocks. We have no idea who is responsible or how long this will last, but while it's there, you might as well enjoy.

If you'd like to see your site listed here please contact us - we really would love to hear from you.

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