Should They Bring Back 3rd Rock?
- well, should they? have your say -

posted 15 Sep 2010, 23:50
They've been gone for over eight years now. The last episode of TV comedy classic Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock) aired sometime back in 2002. Those TV executives who took the decision to axe the show have since moved on; now believed to be working in various areas of government, banking, international finance; where poor judgement and bad decision-making does not interfere with career advancement, in fact it's a plus; especially if you can make someone else pay for your stupid mistakes!

In the intervening period the rest of us have been left to rue the question: Is it time to bring back 3rd Rock?

Well we here at Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock) Fansite firmly believe there is only one flawless, foolproof, truly scientific technique to settle the debate once and for all - for all eternity in fact - with 100% certainty and absolutely no margin of error or doubt. And what might that be?

Why an internet poll that anyone can participate in. It's the tried and trusted method. It's been used to elect presidents and it's definitely not rigged. No sirree-bob! Whoever said it is is a liar. I mean why would we do that? There's nothing to be gained? That would be just stupid!

So pause, take a moment to consider, then answer the question:

Should TV executives bow to whatever ridiculous wage demands the surviving cast and crew will surely present? Should they go down on bended knee, beg plead, do the unspeakable?

Or should they, in the words of a Paul McCartney song 'let it be'? Can a show of such quality ever be as good on re-make? Should we just let it rest in peace? After all, we can always watch it on cable or buy the DVDs!

Or maybe it would be nice to bring it back but just for a once-off special? Someone has even suggested 3rd Rock: The Movie

We leave the decision-making up to you. Cast your ballot now ...