A Look Back on the Career of Jane Curtin
The Actress and Comedienne talks about her time on 3rd Rock

posted 14 Jan 2013, 20:24
Ever noticed how Jane Curtin, the actress who plays Mary Albright on 3rd Rock, actually seems to be cracking up during this scene that involves Dick doing his best not to act or dress his age?

From Season 1, Episode 3 - Dick's First Birthday

Interestingly, we came across this interview from 1996 with the Los Angeles Times, in which she admits what viewers would already have surmised: she genuinely was in hysterics watching John Lithgow "strutting around like a peacock in skin-tight, black leather pants that squeaked." That wasn't just acting.

It would have been impossible to do that scene had I not been allowed to break up," Curtin, 49, explains. "There have been times when John and I have been doubled over on the floor over the things that we do.

About 3rd Rock itself she says:

I don't know anybody that has ever been on this show who doesn't love it so much. There's not one person who doesn't get to do something that either they have always wanted to do or has always wanted to be put in that position where you can just sort of be stupid.

Elsewhere she talks about her relationship with the show's creators, Bonnie and Terry Turner and previous roles including Saturday Night Live, The Coneheads, Kate and Allie.

How to Beat the High Cost of Living is one of her movie roles that also gets a mention and speaking of which, there is a clip from this film revealing a side (or sides even) to Jane Curtin as you've never seen her before - and likely never will again. We're prevented from embedding it so you'll just have to watch it on Metacafe - try to remember to report back here when you are finished.

An actress with quite a body of work under her belt - even if she doesn't always manage to keep it on.