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Celebrating Martin Luther King Day

posted 21 Jan 2013, 01:07
Today is Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday in the country of his birth to commemorate the life and work of an inspirational leader who championed the cause of civil rights, both for the African American community from which he was drawn, and for humanity in general.

The issue of race is touched upon frequently in 3rd Rock but there is no better example of political incorrectness run riot than in this episode from Season Five - Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner. Early on in the show we learn that the Solomon's have racial issues - the human race as it happens. To their alien perceptions all humans look the same.

Upon learning of the cruel catalogue of suffering, inhumanity, discrimination reaped upon people of colour over centuries Dick, in his inimitable way is overcome with remorse. And, as usually happens in these situations, Nina is chosen to bear the black woman's burden of the white man's guilt complex - Caryn being overlooked as she's 'a milky cocoa at best.' Nina touches on the key issue when she tells Dick: "When I look at you I don't see colour - I see a big flaming jackass."

There are just so many memorable moments from this episode: Mary's admission that one of her ancestors was a proponent of slavery - her mother; or Harry's irreverent impersonation of a human - "Can I have cheese on that?"

Best thing we can suggest is you just watch it.