Robin Williams (1951-2014)
Final Call from Planet Ork!

posted 18 Aug 2014, 00:50
With all of the tributes that have been paid to the late Robin Williams, whose life and career ended tragically last week, it would indeed be remiss of us to let this moment pass, without taking a moment to recall the contribution which he made to the genre of TV sitcoms featuring manic performances by actors playing extra-terrestrial beings, sent to Earth to observe human ways, creating all-round mischief and infectious mayhem in the process. Sound familiar? We are talking here of course about Mork and Mindy, which broadcast between 1978 and 1982; a series that paved the way and even set a standard for those that followed. Without it, it is doubtful that we would ever have witnessed the likes of ALF and of course, 3rd Rock.

Interestingly, the character of Mork originated in an episode from Happy Days, entitled 'My Favorite Orkan', itself a take on My Favourite Martian, a 1960s TV sitcom about an alien (this time from Mars) passing himself off as human. That show starred Ray Walston and Bill Bixby, both of whom are now deceased. The latter is probably best remembered for his work on The Incredible Hulk. Walston on the other hand, listed among his credits when he was alive, a role in the 1980 film version of the cartoon classic, Popeye, which of course, starred Robin Williams.

The following clip from YouTube is described as the Opening Theme from Season One of Mork and Mindy. It is short and sweet but gives a perfect flavour of the nature of the show and the innocent fun that was its hallmark. If you want more, go search for it on YouTube or Amazon, or wherever you go to get your kicks.