Alien Abductions
- inter-galactic travel on 3rd Rock from the Sun -

In later episodes a human, Vicki Dubcek, the landlady's daughter and Harry's major love interest, ends up marrying the Big Giant Head, after bearing his child, earning the title of Queen of the Universe in the process.

This represents the only such cross-over between the two worlds and the first time that a human actually learns of the aliens' real identity.

In the final episode Dick reveals his true form to Mary, just as the mission is cancelled and the aliens are summoned home. Initially she agrees to Dick's request that she return with him but, in the end can't go through with it. Dick accepts her wishes and offers to make it easier for her by erasing all memory of him from her mind.

Thus the series ends with the aliens leaving, saying goodbye to all the friends they made on Earth.

Except that in an alternate ending Dick re-appears to a dazed and confused Mary (having just been brainwashed) and takes her in what he declares to be an 'alien abduction'.

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