Alien vs Predator
- sexual harassment on 3rd Rock -

In the final season of the series Tommy leaves the unit to go off to college. This prompts Sally and Harry to interview other aliens for Tommy's replacement.

Initially they are impressed by a candidate going by the name of Christie and are ready to give her the job. At the end of the interview, as she is showing her to the door, Sally asks 'how do you find the boobs?' Christie replies 'to be honest I don't like them at all' to which Sally responds 'yeah, the small ones aren't as much fun.'

However the next candidate to be interviewed is a handsome young 'man' called Bryce, to whom Sally instantly takes a fancy and gives him the job on the spot, without even formally interviewing him.

By the end of the episode however Bryce has had enough of Sally's unwanted attentions and makes a complaint of sexual harrassment against her - to which Sally replies "well, if you're feeling uncomfortable, you should take off your pants!"

The incident is resolved with Bryce leaving (or being forced to leave) and Sally declaring: "we're not re-hiring."

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