Fun with Dick and Janet
- Dick, Mary and the other woman -

The actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr makes a guest appearance in double episode.

She is sent to Earth by the Big Giant Head (who is also her uncle) to join the mission in the role of Dick's new wife, Janet. This is after it is reported by Tommy that Dick has been squandering most of the mission's time and effort in pursuit of 'a blonde wench', meaning Mary.

Janet proves to be the perfect wife, virtually taking over Sally's role as homemaker and devoting her time in between to reading books like The Joy of Sex and The Joy of Cooking. Despite this, Dick yearns to be rid of her, but realises that he can't simply dismiss the Big Giant Head's niece.

He tries to contrive a situation to make her want to leave of her own accord. This she eventually does when, like the other aliens, she discovers that a strange sense of freedom exists on Earth; that one is not predestined to fulfil a certain role. When she learns that inhabitants of Earth have the right to choose who they want to be with, she quickly realises that she can do much better than Dick. They part amicably agreeing that their break-up will just have to remain their 'big giant secret'.

Alas all does not well end for Dick. He had just proposed to Mary prior to Janet's arrival. Despite his best efforts, Mary finds out about the 'wife' (up till then she had assumed that Dick's wife and Tommy's mother was dead, being told that she had 'burned up on re-entry') and naturally breaks it off with him.

It is the first major rupture in their relationship.

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