Later Arrivals on 3rd Rock
- a Guy for all seasons -

With Tommy away from the unit, attending college, Sally and Harry seem to bond more than previously. At the start of one episode, entitled My Mother, My Dick, they are messing around, throwing junk into something called the 'time-space portal' which the aliens apparently keep in their closet. This is despite Dick's previously expressed disapproval.

Dick's apprehensions prove well founded when (through some complicated process too long-winded to explain here, best watch the episode) a new alien is inadvertently brought to Earth - "you had you fun, you didn't use precautions and now you have an extra mouth to feed."

The new alien, whom they name Guy, appears to enjoy his new surroundings and blends in naturally. When Mrs Dubcek asks him what he does he replies: "I talk and wear pants", which satisfies her so much that she stops asking awkward questions.

By the end of the episode Sally and Harry have had enough of Guy who, for his own part, feels able, or at least willing to make his own way in the world. A bit like all the aliens who arrive on Earth, they enjoy it so much that they end up 'going native'.

The episode ends with Guy leaving the Solomon household, Sally and Harry bidding him farewell. Before he goes, Sally cautions him, 'you're probably going to need some money out there', at which point she reaches into her pocket but only to pull out her lip gloss.

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