Planet Monkey World
- a madhouse, a madhouse, I tell ya -

Other alien characters to appear on the series include one Dr Liam Neesam, played by John Cleese. He originally arrives on earth with the intention of destroying it ("because it's blocking our view!") but relents after his encounters with Dick. Not realising that Dick is also an alien, Neesam decides that a species capable of producing a being of such intelligence might just be worth preserving after all.

Neesam returns however in a later episode, this time with the intention, not to destroy humankind, but to transform all human beings into simians, turning Earth into a Planet Monkey World tourist destination in the process. Again Dick foils his plans, on this occasion by using Neesam's own transforming device to turn him (i.e. Neesam) into a chimpanzee.

Unfortunately Mary witnesses the episode leaving Dick wit>h no choice to reveal his true identity to her. Later it transpires that a complaint is lodged against Dick for violation of alien code of conduct - transforming a fellow alien into a chimpanzee - and the Big Giant Head orders the entire crew back to the home planet effectively ending the mission ... and the series.

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