Women are from Venus
- the Superbowl XXIII episode -

In a two part episode entitled 36! 24! 36! Dick the town of Rutherford is suddenly overwhelmed by beautiful women who hold all the local menfolk (including Tommy, Dick and Harry) in their thrall.

It soon emerges that the visitors, in addition to being seductive and beautiful, are not of this planet either, but are intent on subduing and dominating the Earth in order to capture it, for its plentiful resources of nice things like jewellery and stuff.

Fortunately Sally (being 'the woman') retains her alien composure and uses her military training to infiltrate the Venusians, accompanying them to San Diego for The Superbowl XXIII.

Eventually Tommy, Dick and Harry catch on to what is happening and track the women down, rescuing Sally and saving the world in the process.

This episode is memorable for Harry's wooing of Cindy Crawford; proving that a guy doesn't always need to be smart where ladies are concerned and that beautiful supermodels may not always make the best decisions. Maybe it's just too much to expect of a person (any person) to be both beautiful and intelligent at the same time.

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