Seasons in the Sun
- recapping episodes from 3rd Rock -

Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock) aired for a total of six seasons and 139 episodes between 1996 and 2002.

The task of providing a comprehensive episode guide is way beyond our meagre resources. Besides, it's already been done so why re-invent the wheel? What follows therefore, are places on the web where you might find such information, if you were so inclined to go looking.

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You can watch episodes (as opposed to read about them, which is always much better for this type of thing, sorry but it's true) on YouTube. We recommend this channel by 3rdWorldRckr who seems to have put together a pretty much complete compilation.

Casey Werner provide the official website for 3rd Rock from the Sun hich includes a season-by-season episode guide, among so many other things. We choose to give them first billing lest they take offence. We don't want them coming down on top of us with lawsuits.

The Internet Movie Database is an invaluable resource for all things TV and cinema related. Third Rock from the Sun3rd Rock) is no exception as this episode list amply demonstrates.

EP Guides is a website that claims to carry episode lists for over 5200 TV shows, 3rd Rock being one of them. lists 3rd Rock episodes including Most Popular episodes that visitors voted for.

Other websites worth checking out include:
If you know of any others, please Tell Us.

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