Humans Everywhere on 3rd Rock
- but do they know they are being studied? -

The human characters in Third Rock from the Sun (aka 3rd Rock) live in the fictional town of Rutherford, Ohio. The aliens have come to Earth to study their civilisation by interacting with it. How they interact, how they are received, how humans respond to them forms the basis of the show's storyline and premise.

The human cast of characters comprise, regular, recurring, guest, supporting and minor roles. Each of the show's four main protagonists - Dick, Sally, Tommy and Harry - enter into alien/human relationships of various kinds that include the professional, romantic, 'just friends', etc.

Due to the aliens remarkable ability or luck in 'blending in' with human society, only two of the human characters ever discover their alien beings. Even then it is only when force of circumstances compel them to see the situation for what it is. Otherwise, they never guess what is really happening, even when the behaviour of Dick, Sally, Tommy and Harry stretch credulity beyond all limits.

This section of the website gives closer examination to some of the human characters who had prominent roles in the series.

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