Judith Draper
- women's champion, Dick's sparring partner -

The character of Dr Judith Draper was played by actress, the late Ileen Getz (1961-2005). She is a lecturer at Pendleton University where Dick works. Dick's relations with all of his work colleagues is fraught at best; but the hostility between himself and Judith is both mutual and barely disguised. It often seems that it is only her friendly relations with Mary are what forces the two to keep the peace.

Judith's appears quite early on in the series. We first see her when Mary and Nina find a new office (in which there is no place for Dick). Judith moves in with Dick, who describes her as 'a large, unpleasant woman with sensible shoes.' Judith does has a strange sense of humour; one not usually shared by those around her. That doesn't prevent her from emitting a loud, husky laugh whenever she tells a 'joke'.

It is frequently inferred that she might be gay but it is more likely that she is just sexually frustrated. When Dick asks about the boyfriend she is always talking about Mary subtly suggests that he 'may be imaginary.' Judith does actually exhibit an interest in men and gets lucky on occasion, albeit mostly with men on the rebound. She has an amorous entanglement with Don, on the couch while watching the Superbowl and also almost gets off with Tommy in the series finale. She even goes on a date with Dick when he is trying to make Mary jealous. Her taste in men is one of the more curious aspects of her character. For example, on one occasion she is heard to declare: "I love Bolivian men, they're like Honduran men but without the attitude."!?

Whatever about her sexuality Judith is an ardent feminist. In the episode where Harry stands for city council (Dick the Vote) she shows herself to be enthusiastic for his female first policy, not realising that Harry's ideas are somewhat different to hers. However like most women of such outlook and persuasion, they are invariably set for an automatic collision course with Dick, the confirmed misogynist.

Actress Ileen Getz who played Judith died of cancer in 2005. She was 43. While her role was mainly a supporting one, there is no doubt that she brought much to the show and the series was better for it. Her passing means that it will never be truly possible to re-unite the 3rd Rock cast.

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