Mamie Dubcek
- the Landlady -

Maimie Dubcek (also known as Mrs Dubcek or sometimes just Dubcek) is the Solomon's landlady. She is played by actress Elmarie Wendel. In this interview, she discusses the role and her experience of being part of the series:

Interview with Elmarie Wendel

She is casual and carefree in terms of her lifestyle. She drinks and smokes, in fact she hardly ever appears without a cocktail and/or a cigeratte in hand. She is also quite promiscuous and openly boasts of her various sexcapades. She has had at least three husbands and several children, one of whom, Vicki, is a recurring character in the series and Harry's principal love interest. If Vicki is anything to go by, then Mrs Dubcek's children would appear to have inherited her characteristics and personality traits. On one occasion when Dick refers to the Dubcek women as 'kleptomaniacs' Harry intervenes on their behalf by telling Dick, 'they're not kleptomaniacs, they're nymphomaniacs.'

Mrs Dubcek rents out an attic apartment to the Solomons when they first arrive on Earth. Being new arrivals, the aliens don't appear to be unduly concerned about their living conditions and it is frequently suggested the Mrs Dubcek is something of a rack-renting landlord. She later rents out even dodgier accommodation to Sally when she expresses a desire for her own place.

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