Vicki Dubcek
- from landlady's daughter to queen of the universe -

The character of Vicki Dubcek was played by the late Jan Hooks (1957-2014).

As a recurring regular, Vicki has quite an important role in the series. In addition to being Harry's principal love interest, she is also the first of only two humans (the other being Mary) to discover the aliens' real identity.

The fact that Vicki and Mary achieve this distinction is an interesting contrast. While Mary is academically smarter (by a long shot - it clear from the outset that Vicki is not very bright!) Vicki is more travelled (accounting for her periodic absences) and has probably had experiences that Mary has only read about in books. Furthermore, when offered the opportunity to leave Earth and explore the galaxies, Vicki jumps at it while Mary eventually declines. There's also a recurring joke about Vicki inability to understand that the title which Mary's Ph.D confers upon her is not medical. At various times she asks Mary to deliver her baby or perform other such procedures. When Mary tries to explain matters to Vicki she thinks she's being fobbed off because she doesn't have medical insurance or some such excuse.

Vicki is introduced as the landlady's daughter (Mrs Dubckek) during the course of the Solomon's first Thanksgiving. Sparks immediately fly between herself and Harry and they end up making love on the dinner table. She leaves Rutherford soon after but keeps coming back - primarily because her feelings for Harry provide the only constant in her life. And although Harry is something of a lothario, his feelings for Vicki are both genuine and reciprocated.

They try to have a baby together but Vicki ends up getting knocked up by the Big Giant Head, who eventually does the decent thing by her and takes her away to be queen of the universe - no mean achievement for a girl of her background. This circumstance complicates her relationship with Harry however. She never stops having feelings for him but later, when she returns to Earth with Big Giant Head and baby in tow, she finds that Harry has found someone else.

Despite her elevated status among mortals, she still has to settle for less than what her heart truly yearns for.

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