Vincent Strudwick
- Dick's arch-nemesis -

Vincent Strudwick is played by actor Ron West. He is a professor of physics at Rutherford University and a colleague of Dick's, but also a rival whether he realises it or not.

Dick doesn't really get along with any of his colleagues but Vincent Strudwick is a particular case. Part of it is due to the fact that he is also teaches physics and regarded quite highly among his peers. Dick's knowledge of physics is light years ahead (literally) of Strudwick's. But he is prevented from making this known lest it might compromise the mission. Hence Dick is always looking for other ways to belittle his arch rival and bring him down. On one occasion, he compares Strudwick's bearded face to a baboon's backside, which, as insults go, is surprisingly accurate on closer inspection.

Dick is also aggravated upon learning from Mary that she once slept with Vincent. He proposes to settle the score by sleeping with Strudwick's wife, who turns out to be quite attractive. Upon first meeting Alissa's father, Tommy fails to see the resemblance to Alissa, but the matter is clarified as soon as he is introduced to her mother.

For his part, Vincent is less than pleased that Alissa has chosen Tommy as her boyfriend. He finds Tommy to be rude and also takes exception to Dick's referring to her as 'that hot little blonde'.

Strudwick is occasionally referred to by name, mostly by Dick, prior to his first appearance in the series. It is clear from these references that an enmity existed quite early on. In an episode from Season 3, entitled Dick on a Roll, Dick has been temporarily wheelchaired and is campaigning to have a new ramp installed at Pendleton University. He refuses to use the existing ramp because it would mean passing Strudwick's office, whom he professes to find to be something of a bore.

The rivalry doesn't really come to the fore until later in the series - around season four, when the character of Vincent Strudwick becomes more of a regular.

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