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Kleenex Discovery

From Tina Johnston, Illinois, USA

I LOVE the scene when John Lithgow and William Shatner BOTH realize that they BOTH "Saw Something On The Wing" Of Their Plane. William Shatner's character(SURPREME Commander) said he saw Something On The Wing, and Dick says that He ALSO SAW The Same Thing Once! HA HA HA! SO Funny, Because they BOTH appeared in other shows [The Twilight Zone] in an episode about the 'gremlin' on the wing of a plane!

Another Fav. Scene, when Dick discovers Kleenex, after he had a cold. HILARIOUS! So Many More Scenes SO Funny!

Incoming Message

A 3rd Rock Fan from Aracaju, Sergipe in Brazil has been in contact wanting to know 'in which episodes does Harry receive messages from the home planet.' Interesting question!

The peculiar business of Harry acting as a 'human' transmitter was a running gag throughout the series. It occurred on several occasions and grew more theatrical with each rendition. Usually it presaged something dramatic - an intervention by the Big Giant Head for example.

We're not aware of any tally or compendium of episodes in which it occurs. Going by the various episode guides however; we're pretty sure that we first learn about the giant transmitter in Harry's head in the episode from season one, entitled Father Knows Dick. When Dick confides the truth in Harry it causes him to run away from home (temporarily).

The first time we see Harry in action is in a later episode - the first of a two-parter called See Dick Run - see clip from YouTube below. About a minute in (blink and you might miss it) we see Harry relaying Tommy's status report. Later (4mins 20 to be precise) we see Harry's 'cranial micro-receiver being activated' - i.e. he is being contacted by the home planet for the first time.

The last time we see it is in the penultimate episode (The Thing That Wouldn't Die - Part 1) when the Solomons are informed that they have been summoned home and their mission has been terminated.

If anyone has any further information or observation on this comic gem feel free to let us know.

Forgive and Forget Me Not

Message received - 12/04/2011 21:38:48 from Chris:

Anyone have any information that might help our friend? We've wracked our collective brains but can't quite place it, though it something that sounds vaguely familiar. If anyone out there has any information please share it with us. You can use Comment Form below or Contact Us privately if you prefer. We respect your privacy and your personal information will not be passed on.

Armchair Gags

I have an exact replica of the blue floral armchair in the show that's for sale. It's in excellent condition. I didn't know if there were any dedicated fans that would be interested but thought I'd mention it before I put it in my garage sale. Let me know if there's any interest. Pegi 253-638-3431.

Eyes Wide Shut

Message received - 26/07/2011 19:46:13 from a visitor in Göteborg (we think that's in Sweden):

Why has a guy closed eyes in your program. It's so damn annoying. Im not watching the program because off that.

Presumably our disgruntled visitor is referring to Harry who's perpetual squint is a comic trademark of the series. The best explanation that we have been able to source comes from the pages of Wikipedia:

Harry's distinctive squint was invented by French Stewart as he auditioned for the role. The look soon became Harry's signature. "It's sort of the equivalent of your mother telling you not to make faces because they might stick that way forever. Well, I've now got a face that's stuck," said Stewart in an interview. "But it's worth it. People respond to Harry, and the squint is probably a big part of his appeal. So, I'm just riding it for all it's worth."

Sorry if some people find it off-putting. We can only say that for many 3rd Rock Fans, Harry is probably the most endearing character. Maybe they just need to give it a chance - takes some time to warm to the act.

This is Your Song

Anyone able to identify the music (title and composer) playing in the background of this clip from Season 1, Episode 16 (Dick Like Me) as Sally and Mr Randall (that's Kevin to you) dance? (Fast forward to 15:50 to see the clip we are talking about). It would mean a lot to one 3rd Rock Fan who contacted us and now that we have listened to it, we would really like to know too.

The most likely candidate is Ben Vaughn, who was the show's music composer throughout its run. However, more information would be appreciated by anyone out there who happens to know for sure. Post your answers to our Visitor Forum, or contact us privately, if you prefer.

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